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21 Jan 2006 ... Hawthorn Elephants

Last time I chatted about these elephants was back in May: S8 19 May 2005, Elephants. I had been checking the update page every once in a while, but hadn't while my computer was down. I went the other day, and discovered one of the elephants, Sue, has died.

I cried.

And now I want to chat some more about all of these elephants...

I've mentioned the other elephants that died under Hawthorn's (non-)care: Tyke was shot to death in Aug 1994; Dumbo died of tuberculosis in Dec 1994; Joyce and Hattie died of tuberculosis in Aug 1996. In August 2003, Hawthorn was charged with cruelty.

22 Nov 2003, the first elephant ever to be confiscated in the U.S.: Delhi was taken from Hawthorn because she was in imminent danger due to lack of veterinary care. She now lives happily at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. (And I have a painting I made of her, hanging on my bedroom wall!)

In March 2004, Hawthorn was ordered to give up their remaining 16 elephants...

Judy was moved out and is now with a private owner.
Tess died at Hawthorn 1 Nov 2004.
Misty was rescued and brought to The Elephant Sanctuary in Nov 2004. She still lives there.
Lota was rescued with Misty but died of tuberculosis 9 Feb 2005.

(Okay, that's 4 elephants out of the 16, and now we are down to the "Hawthorn 12", which is what I was talking about last May.)

Joy, the only African elephant, was moved to Endangered Ark Foundation in Oct 2005.
Nic is the only male elephant. The Elephant Sanctuary is "girls only", because male elephants need to be separate like they are in the wild. Not sure where Nic is going: maybe ROAR Foundation, maybe Shambala Preserve.

And, Sue, who died on 30 Dec 2005.

(Now we're down to the 9 female Asian elephants who should go to The Elephant Sanctuary...)

Ronnie and Gypsy might be staying with Nic for company until he goes to his new home. But they will get to the sanctuary, eventually.

Lottie, Minnie, Liz, Frieda, Billie, Debbie, Queenie. These girls will be going to The Elephant Sanctuary very soon!

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