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Booking: Counting
Thurs 1 Mar 2007

Booking Through Thursday meme
But Who's Counting?

  • How many books would you say you read in an average month? In a year? Over the last five years? The last 10?

Ha. I totally obsess over numbers, so today's Booking is right up my alley!

I read approximately a book a week... tho this year I want to tackle a bunch of very large books, and the "book a week" thing probably isn't going to work out!

I've been keeping track of my books since 2001...

2001... 35 books read
2002... 31 books read
2003... 33 books read
2004... 51 books read
2005... 84 books read
2006... 55 books read

And so far this year, I've finished 8 books.

The five year total (year 2002 to 2006) is 254.
And an approximate ten year total is 400?


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