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9 Feb 2006 ... Eight Elephants

Yay, yay, Yay! Eight of our Elephants are Free!

I am just thrilled to bits that these girls are finally home and safe... The last two made the trip today, and now I get to show you all the screen shots I took from the web cam during the past two weeks!

Minnie and Lottie, 2 Feb

Minnie and Lottie were the first of the herd to arrive at The Elephant Sanctuary on 31 Jan. They were off the truck and exploring the barn and the great outdoors right away! The herd will be in isolation for a year, because they've been exposed to tuberculosis, but they have several hundred acres to be isolated on!! happy elephants!

Queenie and Liz, 2 Feb 12:54pm

Here's Queenie and Liz, just getting off the truck on 2 Feb. It turns out that Liz is a bit of a loner, she also has a paralyzed trunk... I assume that's from men hitting her in the face. *cry* she's safe now.

Queenie, Minnie and Lottie are good friends and they spent the weekend together in the woods. Queenie loves the hanging toys!

Ronnie and Debbie's bum, 7 Feb 1:08pm

Ronnie and Debbie's arrival on 7 Feb... Debbie didn't feel like getting off the truck, so we got to look at her bum all day. It was after dark when she finally came out, I think, but the next day the five friends were all outside exploring. (Liz usually stays by herself, in or close to the barn.)

Freida and Billie, 9 Feb 12:58pm And Billie and Freida arrived today, without any trouble getting off the truck. I'm not sure who's who in the pic yet, but I'll update as soon as I find out.

Gypsy is still at Hawthorn, keeping Nic company until he can be moved to a sanctuary. I hope it won't be long before Gypsy can join our eight.

This entry is in remembrance of the herd memebers who did not make it: Tyke, Dumbo, Joyce, Hattie, Tess, Lota, and Sue.

Asian Elephant Diary at The Elephant Sanctuary
For more information, and for great pics click on all the "slide show" links on that page! Happy Elephants!

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