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New Years Intentions
Mon 1 Jan 2007

Happy New Year Everybody!

I had accidently fallen asleep last night and SO had to wake me up to ring in the New Year. I was none too happy about that. And today I've been fighting off a little sniffle. bleh. Hopefully I'll feel well enough tomorrow so I can go to work and spread my germs. heh.

Anway. This is the blog entry where I sum up last year's intentions and see how things are going in my simple little world...

Books35 books31 books33 books51 books84 books55 books
S871 entries61 entries86 entries63 entries49 entries98 entries
Bread---17 loaves6 loaves29 loaves

My goal was 52 books, since I worked most of this year. (only worked about four months in 2005, thus the huge number of books I read that year!) I precisely doubled the number of Static8 journal entries! And I made a whole lotta bread!

My goals for 2006

I wanted less pre-prepared foods in my life, and to that end I did discover the perfect sandwich loaf of bread! It's been a while since I've had to eat icky store bread. I was still experimenting with granola bars... but my mom found me a really good recipe and made me some as a christmas present. So that problem may have been solved as well! I've not made my own vege burgers yet.

And the garden was another failure... not entirely my fault, since apartment maintenance destroyed most of my seedlings in the spring. Hopefully I complained effectively enough that there will not be a repeat.

I wanted to do more creative stuff. And I have, kind of... I did my Art by the Inch challenge this year, and got a couple decent drawings out of that. And I've been typing at the blog more often than I ever have, so that's good too.

2007 Green Goals

  Worm bin!!
  Get a bike, and ride to work!
  Look into joining a CSA? Cook more whole foods! Consume less crap.
  Spread vegan-ness where ever I go!

Other 2007 Goals

  Read... focus more on fat books rather than book total.
  Journal Writing... embrace the chaos. :)
  Start a Project Book? Figure out ways to make myself do more visual art.

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