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31 Dec 2006 ... Yay Happy Things

Goodie! The rest of my luggage arrived yesterday evening! The duffel bag that is stuffed with many of my xmas presents, my xmas money, and lots of vegan cookies and candy!

This is a total relief... And now I've got the books to read and the DVDs to watch, my new paints, the yummy vegan cookies that my mom made special for me, and my beautiful blank book.

And, speaking of blank books, I have joined a community in order to wake up my paper journal writing. Or, technically, I have joined the LiveJournal cult. haha.

It's odd... I've got a MySpace, Diaryland, various Bloggers, a VOX, the Care2, not to mention several forum memberships... all of which I pretty much ignore. But then I joined LJ and suddenly decided I needed to type there. heh, but don't worry, it's not terribly interesting over there. I'm dedicating the LJ to ramblings about paper journals.

So anyway. I'm going to be journaling and blogging all over the place in 2007. um. That's the idea, anyway. :) Here's my LiveJournal addy: riftvegan at LJ. But no need to bookmark it or anything like that!

One of the books I got is Worms Eat My Garbage and I am totally enthusiastic about getting started on a worm box. I would like to get the worm box that the Worm Woman designed: Worm-a-way. I'm kinda bummed that it costs 70$ and who knows how much shipping. But I guess it'll be a good investment, if it keeps my little worms happy!

I got so interested in this worm thing because worms like shredded newspaper for bedding. And, oh yes, I have shredded newspaper! That's Tegan the guinea pig's bedding as well! So! I'll shred my newspaper, Tegan gets it for a week or so, then the worms will get it for a couple months, and then the garden will get it. Yay recycling!

Especially happy because you can't recycle newspaper that has been shredded, and you can't recycle newspaper that is used for animal waste. I've always had to throw my used shreds away. Which made me sad. But now I'm happy because my beautiful worms will turn some of Tegan's shreds into compost!

And super happy to be reducing our contributions to the landfill. bah! I hate landfills! Whose stupid idea was that?

Well, shoot. I've destroyed my "yay happy" by thinking about the evils of man. So, what else is happy. um. oh. I finished book number 55 today! And the waking moments that I've not been reading have been spent on my computer. So that makes me happy.

And Yay Happy New Years Eve to All!

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