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Sun 7 Jan 2007

I have been down with a horrid head cold. Quite miserable and pathetic with all my sneezing and snotting and such. bleh.

Now I want to get back to blogging. I don't actually have anything to say, since I've been sleeping in front of the telly for the past week or so. This is a blog entry where I pretend to have something to say.

Currently Reading
I wasn't able to read anything while I was sick, which was almost as torturing as the illness. But I've got bookmarks in...

  Firewing Third in a series of three, animal fiction featuring bats. One of the books that's been laying around for a while, the books are good (but not brilliant).

  Darwin's Descent of Man I enjoy Darwin, but I liked Origin of Species much better. eh. This is one of those fat books that I've been meaning to read.

Currently Watching
While sleeping in front of the tv, wishing I could read, I happened to catch a couple of movies that started life as books.

  Pride and Prejudice I read this book in October 2005, and from what I remember, the movie is faithful to the book. Pretty good movie, but I probably won't watch it again. Might read Sense and Sensibility soon, tho.

  The Secret Garden It's been ages since I've read this book, so I was interested. It's an okay story, and I wouldn't mind reading the book again, but I probably wouldn't have watched the whole movie if I weren't bedridden. ;)

  V for Vendetta which SO just brought home last night. I enjoyed it. Had to explain to SO about Guy Fawkes, :) I lived in England as a kid and have celebrated a couple Guy Fawkes Days: fireworks, carnivals and bonfires for burning effiges of Guy. oh, V was good, I can't wait for the American civil war to start.

Current Critters
Last autumn, I noticed one of Tegan's little guinea pig eyes was changing. Her right eye was getting a cateract. I didn't pay it much mind. It's not painful, and after all she couldn't see all that great to begin with.

But Tegan, of course, did mind. It took me a while to realize that she was sleeping more and not coming out of her house as much. dumb human.

I explained the situation to her... that we could get her eye fixed, but it's surgery, and even tho she was nice and healthy I didn't want to risk it because of her age. And I would re-arrange the outside of her house so she had less junk to run into when she was out walking. And I would always let her know where I was by talking to her more. And I would try to remember to touch her whiskers before petting her.

Tegan found these terms acceptable, and she's been much happier ever since. She comes out of her house for a few walkabouts every day. I even noticed she did a couple guinea pig popcorns.

Currently Vegan
I love SO's crock pot. I threw together a batch of soup -- barley, lentils, and a couple vege bouillon cubes -- when I first got sick, and that's pretty much all I ate. Easy to make, easy to nuke, easy to throw in vegetables if I felt like it.

And I just made my first loaf of bread of the year. Actually, I'll be making two loaves today. Now that I've converted SO to homemade bread for sandwiches for work, I have to make twice as much!

Current Garden
Garden? In the middle of winter. um. Yeah, tell that to the irises that are growing green leaves! They are confused. I did cover my tiny garden with leaves in the fall. And the winter has been mild, other than a couple days of snow just after thanksgiving. But is this any reason to be growing at the beginning of January?

Insane irises. I hope they make me some flowers this year. You know, if they live at all.

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