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5 June 2006 ... Crying in the Garden

I came home from work this afternoon, to find my garden half destroyed.

Maintenance had cut down the weeds in the border area behind our town house, razed them to the ground. They also razed half of the garden that I had lovingly tended all spring.

I cried.

All but one of my wild flower babies are gone. Most of my pea plants are gone... I had a decent crop of snap peas coming out. I'm not sure if the plants they left are going to make it. They have been shocked by the carnage!

_I_ was shocked by the carnage! I went to pay rent, and left the manager a note with our checks...

K, The maintenance guys cut down the weeds in the border area behind our town house today. They also cut down half my garden! :( I am _so_ upset! My baby flowers are gone and half of my snap pea plants. Please tell them to Never do that again! cheri

A little while later the manager came by to apologize. He offered to pay for the damage, which was nice but I declined. The seeds cost maybe three dollars. I told him it's not the money, it's the love that I put into my garden plot.

Here is what my garden used to look like... I drew this in my garden journal two days ago.

Before destruction

My irises and the orange flowers are left. and I think the "seedling orange" is okay, and a couple of the pea plants. But that's about it.

I am so sad.

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