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15 June 2006 ... Midweek Munchies #8

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What wonderful foods did you bring home from the grocery store?

Midweek Munchies: What RIFT is contributing for the week

A trip to the Thursday Farmers Market and then over to Safeway. It was a bit too much social/shopping time, too late in the day for me... Made me grumpy. I hate shopping.

At the Farmers Market I got some more (organic and local) Broccoli, and SO got some lettuce, garlic, golden potatoes and a small onion.

I also got another plant for my garden: Italian Parsley. I'll plant it this weekend. The lady said that the parsley is an annual, and it will come back next year, yay!

Safeway was a 67$ run, a lot of stuff for the lunches I make for work...

Granola bars, I don't think these are vegan but they will suffice until I figure out how to make my own chewy granola bars. Double Stuf Oreos are vegan, just not too healthy! And some Whole Wheat Fruit Bars, which... *looking at ingredients* crum, are not vegan with whey and honey. bah!

Potato chips and Corn chips... I take chips for lunch, and also munch in the evenings. Yep, I go through a lot of chips!

I got the huge Peanut Butter jar. I don't eat it very often because it usually gives me a headache, but it's a nice change-up from the soy nut butter sandwiches I usually eat. I'm glad to be able to buy it in "bulk" since it will never go bad!

I was stuck with the plain Hummus, they were out of the black olive hummus that I like. I wanted to get some almond butter, but all they had was a tiny 12$ jar that had honey in it. grrr: that is not vegan, now I have to go to the natural foods store. foo foo, more shopping.

Also got a loaf of Bread for my sandwiches. I tried my homemade bread for sandwiches this week, but it's too crumbly. And too filling: I could only eat half a sandwich! ha. Well, I will experiment with some gluten in future bread machine loaves.

For home meals I got Frozen Peas, Frozen Green Beans, some organic Pasta. Some more Willow Run Soy Margarine and some yummy Better Than Cream Cheese.

More Calcium pills for my falling apart bones. A couple of cases of Coke, just to make sure my bones do fall apart. haha. and Oranges for Tegan the guinea pig.

I've been drinking coffee lately, on the weekends. Real coffee, that comes out of SO's coffee maker. So, for the first time ever, I bought some real coffee. Coffee sure seems expensive to me! I got a little thingee of O Organics French Roast Coffee that cost 8.55$... I hope it's worth it. I am bummed that Safeway didn't have any shade grown coffee: I'd like to save the birds as well as the earth. Guess I'll have to head to the natural food store for that, too. sighs.

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