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13 June 2006 ... New Things

Well, for starters, I started a new temp job this week. And it looks like it might be permanent. I'm working for a company that makes screen printed decals. Yep: I get to play with stickers and paint all day long! ha!

I've learned the general idea of how to print my stickers. You have to break down the machine and clean stuff in-between colours... my supervisor showed me how to do it twice, let me do it once, and then left me to blunder along by myself. ack.

Trial and error, and I'm learning from my mistakes. Fortunately, I haven't made any fatal mistakes yet! I try to be a perfectionist, but those stupid colours hate lining up for me. grr.

They are also going to teach me how to make the screens. So my brain is going to be extremely full of screen printing knowledge.

Veggin'Out is Harmonia's newest project. It's a female only, veggie food forum.

I was... um... looking forward to lurking there, like I always do. And then all of a sudden, I was sucked in to moderating a section. ack, no more lurking for me, darn it.

Now I have to generate conversations! Me?! Well. This is not normal. But I'm giving it a go. Something new and different, right?! :)

VegginOut Forum

I planted my beautiful basil plants in my weed wacked garden, over the weekend. They seem to be doing okay, but someone is munching on one of the plants. Someone small, like a snail maybe.

Cute little snails have eaten up a lot of the pea plant leaves, too. The snails don't eat the peas, just the leaves. eh: I love snails, and the peas that were left to me after the wacking were pretty much done anyway. I do hope the snails leave a little bit of basil for me, tho!

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