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24 June 2006 ... Currently

I keep thinking I should type here more often, and now it's been over a week since last I updated! sheesh. Well, I've got a bit of a rant about my day job, but once I get that out of my system the rest of today's entry might be more interesting!

Current Day Job

I've now been making screen printed decals for two weeks... but this week was very trying for me. I have learned the basics of my little screen printing machine, and they wanted me to learn how to put the stencils on the screens as well. So, on Wednesday they had me in that room, learning from the girl who does that...

Quite possibly, that was the worst day of my life. The screen making girl doesn't like me, is incapable of explaining anything, could barely be bothered to show me how things are done, and was rude and condescending to me for the entire day.

When I was doing something for the first time, she told me it had to be perfect and I had to do it much faster. When I screwed up she let me know, but instead of telling me how I could fix it or do it better, she just turned away in anger. Getting information out of her was so degrading: Every time I ask a question, her answering tone said, "Are you stupid?" and her actual answer boiled down to "What do you think?"

*shakes head* I was borderline polite to her, and I continue to be. I really like the job, and the other women are normal human beings. But I had to think long and hard before returning to work on Thursday. Which was a better day because I had fewer questions to ask, and she was out of the room letting me "sink or swim" for most of the day. I swam, slowly, and she complained, but I was finally able to laugh sarcasticly in her face. heh.

I really wonder about people like the screen girl. Why does she act this way? Is her life so miserable she has to foist it on to others? Does she know how horrible she is? Will she ever be able to turn her life around and what would it take to do so??


Currently Reading I just finished re-reading a couple of my Reiki books. An excellent refresher, and it gets me thinking about getting my second Reiki attunement.

I also just finished Candide by Voltaire, a philosophical/satire fiction story about optimism and pessimism. The main character is Candide, loses his girl after the first kiss, has many adventures, at the end he gets the girl back but she's been abused and a slave for so long that she is ugly now and Candide is no longer interested in her. Everyone suffers a horrid life, but Candide remains optimistic. (Free English eText: Candide at

And I've half-heartedly started Darwin's Descent of Man and Gould's The Panda's Thumb. It's all about evolution, around here now! :)

Current Critter Stories

Tegan's fifth birthday is in three weeks... Which is OLD AGE for guinea pigs. (Guinea pigs live 4 to 8 years, average lifespan is five years.) And yet, she is still happy and healthy, bright eyed if not bushy tailed! Yay!

Her breakfast currently includes a slice of orange, some apple bits and six frozen peas, along with her normal guinea pig food. I open the door of her house three times a week. She likes the freedom, briefly running around the bedroom, and then returns to her house for naps.

On weekends, she thinks she deserves to share all my meals, it's especially important to make ramen with peanut butter, broccoli and lots of peas! She's also developed a taste for chips, junk food guinea pig. oops.

As usual, Tegan needs a nail trim. It's a necessary chore that we both hate: Tegan squirms and says "Animal Abuse" even tho she has a constant stream of peas going into her mouth! haha

And it looks like I need to set up Tegan's downstairs house this weekend... It might get up to 100° on Sunday or Monday and without air conditioning the upstairs just gets too hot.

Currently in the Garden
I planted my Parsley Friday afternoon... but it got all droopy in the sun and heat today. :( I gave the poor baby some water and shade, but I'm not sure if he's going to make it.

Currently Watching
Uh, nothing really. I can barely be bothered to watch The 4400 premier that SO taped for me two weeks ago. I watched about an hour of it the other day when my Internet connection went down... And even fast forwarding through commercials, I needed the break half-way into the 2 hour show. I'd just rather be online or reading my books, I guess.

And, you'd think, being online so much, that I would update a little more often. But nope: I've been "spending" most of my communication randomly at Harmonia's Forums. And not even in the sub-forum that I moderate. *rolls eyes at self* laugh. Well, I'll get it all together one day.

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