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11 Feb 2006 ... Day of Magazines

Yesterday, I got bored of the Internet, and started doing some catch-up with my magazines. I usually devour my magazines as soon as they arrive in my mailbox... But lately, I've let them pile up.

I started with the shortest one, the local humane society publication. I haven't actually given them any money yet, because I am a poor bum, but I hope to eventually adopt a little dog from them. (um, when I am no longer a poor bum.) :) I am happy because they just built their own spay & neuter clinic, yay. But I am sad because I can't take any stray animals to them. I guess it's because they are outside the city limits, so the strays would have to go to the city shelter. bleh.

Next magazine was the national Humane Society's All Animals Mag. Where I learned that I should not buy fur coats... and, ya know, I can't understand why we have to keep telling people this. People are just too stupid to know that wearing someones skin is disgusting? And poisonous from the tanning agents? And cruel?! oh, but then, check this out, the 2005 winner of a poster design contest by the Fur Free Alliance: wow, what a powerful image! Design Against Fur Contest's 2005 Winner

When I finished up that mag, I was on to the January edition of Smithsonian, a xmas gift from my SO's mom. I confess, I don't read every single article, I'm just not interested in most of the history articles. But give me some info about animals or art, and I'm all over it! I read about this woman, living in Zimbabwe, protecting a small pod of Hippos. And another article about Cézanne, I love some of his paintings and wish I could have that style.

Paul Cezanne, The Garden of Les Lauves

This one, "The Garden of Les Lauves", is my favorite. It's way more abstract than his usual impressionistic style, tho.

I haven't finished reading that edition of the Smithsonian, and I've got the Feb edition laying there, too, and I suppose the March edition will arrive any day now. But there are other things to read...

I'm about half way through the February edition of Satya Magazine. I've gotten this mag for less than a year, and I wish I had subscribed decades ago! ha. It's all about veganism, environmentalism, animal advocacy and social justice, so it's pretty much "my" magazine. :) It's a New York mag, and I'm sad that I can't shop or eat at any of the places in the advertisments.

So, this issue of Satya is all about chickens. And, there's an article interviewing Virgil Butler and his SO Laura Alexander! They are cool... remember last year when I supported them through Blogathon? And another article, "I Know Why the Caged Birds Scream" by Pattrice Jones, is about open rescues and whoa interesting reading... Pattrice Jones, who runs Eastern Shore Sanctuary, has got some stuff to say about how our society treats females: hens, cows and women. yep.

I do get a few more magazines... the membership mags from ASPCA and PeTA and the Vegetarian Resource Group. (hum. Actually, I can't remember getting a VRG mag in ages. I wonder if I ever sent them a change of address? humph!) (Humph!!) (And when was the last time ASPCA sent me a mag? *checking commonplace book* ha, over a year ago! I guess I can't list that as a mag I get!)

I am several months behind in reading my Mag of Fantasy and Science Fiction... and on top of that, I renewed my subscription too late, and I missed out on getting the Feb issue. I'm gonna have to go buy a digital version so I don't miss out on any of the stories. But that means my dead tree collection has a hole. arg, because the collection is pretty extensive, and I hate holes!

I think that's all the mags I get. Plenty of reading!

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