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14 Feb 2006 ... Evil V-Day

Black, upside-down hearts and dead flowers, to you!

It Snowed!! For the First Time this winter! Yay Snow!

We have had such a mild winter here, only a few freezing days in Dec, and all through Jan and Feb we've had 40° and 50° days and just a couple nights it's gotten down to freezing. I don't know if this is normal, it's our first winter in this part of the country.

And now it snows! well. For about 15 minutes or so. And no sticking, of course, since it's been so warm. But it was exciting while it was coming down!

My SO came home with chocolate and a Elephant stuffie!! Her name is Happy, in dedication to the happy elephants that came home to The Elephant Sanctuary this month! So, they are happy and I am happy, 'cause I like being surrounded by stuffed animals of new and different species!

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