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3 August 2005 ... Blogging for the Chickens

This year's Blogathon will be held this Saturday 6 August starting at 9am. This is blogging for charity, folks: You sign up, you pick up a charity, you get some people to sponsor you (ie, give money to your charity), and then on Saturday you blog... one blog entry every half hour for 24 hours straight!

Sounds like fun, ay? And no "pre-blogging" allowed!

I'm not blogging, but I am supporting Virgil Butler and his charity, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary.

Virgil Butler is the original whistle blower on factory farming. He used to work at a Tyson slaughter house. And now, he and his lovely wife are animal rights activists. Virgil writes articles, does public speaking and keeps a blog to get the word out. He founded Activists Against Factory Farming and is getting his own chicken sanctuary off the ground! In other words, Virgil is way cool.

Eastern Shore is a sanctuary for hens and roosters who have escaped or been rescued from the farming industry. They are also the only sanctuary who rehabilitates fighting cocks. So Eastern Shore is way cool, too!


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