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15 August 2001 ... Google Hits
Sometimes going through my search engine hits is like a walk down memory lane. A few of yesterday's hits:
  • "canoe reservoir colorado" ah, yes... my canoe ride on pinewood reservoir with my dad and uncle, last year. That was fun. (Colorado road trip)
  • The "japanese maple" hits go to the two site designs, the current one and the pathetic original. Both are made from photos I took at the Georgia State Botanical garden, which I used to live a few miles from... now I live a few thousand miles from. :)
  • "dolphin sketches" yeah, last year right before Fiasco the First died, I was able to plug in my wacom tablet and do a couple drawings. I wish the wacom tablet stuff didn't make my computer so temperamental, or I'd plug it in and play with it more often. (My dolphin and sea horse sketches)
  • "car radio wire colors" Oh, gods, don't remind me. Yes, one day I decided to install a different car radio in my little car. Tools required: screw drivers, wire cutters, electrical tape and a more flexible back than I have. As I remember, the wires were mislabeled, so I had to take apart each of my four speakers to figure out what color wire went where. Not so fun of a day.
And my very last hit in the list from yesterday was "how to treat guinea pig broken leg". I remember when I was working at the vet clinic, I wrote here about a rabbit with a broken leg. The rabbit got a pin and an elizabethian collar and turned out fine.

But then, I'm thinking... ya know, somebody, out there on the Internet, is trying to find out how to TREAT a broken leg. *horror* *extreme horror* Cheri says, in a very pissy voice: "YOU! You take your poor little guinea pig to the VET. You Know, they go to many years of school to learn how to care for little critters, they don't learn this stuff on the Internet and you can't either."


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