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Monday 12 March 2001 ··· Japanese Maple Revisited

I just wanted a new design. Something new and different and I didn't want to spend a lot of time making it. The top graphics are taken from a digital photo I took a couple years ago of a Japanese Maple tree in the Georgia Botanical Garden. I did a simple cut and paste of a single photo, tweaked the color a bit, made a few text based graphics for the side bar and wrote a few nested tables in an html file. And voila, something new and different to look at for another six months. :)

Okay, now for all that cool technical stuff that you love. Total page weight is around 45k with top graphics pulling 17 and 14k. It took around 15 seconds to load on my 33.6 dial-up. Of course, I used a very scientific method for calculating the seconds: one-mississippi, two-mississippi, three-mississippi... heh.

Looks great in both IE and Netscape browsers. I designed for 800x600 resolution, but should look okay in all the other res since my surrounding table is set at 100%. At 24bit color, the graphics blend perfectly. I noticed they didn't blend at 16bit and I haven't taken the time to fix it yet... To either add a background gif with exactly the color I want, or make the text graphics transparent, like they should have been in the first place. There's a bonus: the page looks cool at 256 colors, my monitor displayed in shades of gray, which is actually quite attractive. But I rather like the green. :)
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