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10 August 2001 ... a Friday
Another day at work. I am wandering, semi-aimlessly. There's a little bit of work, but it's been really slow all week, so I've got time on my hands. I pass the shipping guy in the hallway. He's cool. "Hey," he says. "How ya doing?"

I pause to consider the rant going though my head...

Ya know. I have got the worst headache and I've over dosed on various pain pills in order to get it under control. I'm just back from almost an hour, playing with that evil table saw, cutting up sheets of exterior phenolic... I'm sure the fumes and stress of that isn't helping my head any, either.
I gave myself some kind of major "paper cut" while dusting off saw shavings. This cut is stinging like bloody hell when I'm scrubbing those exterior signs in the sink... The residue coming off them is probably going directly into my bloodstream and I'll die a slow and painful death over the weekend.

But, as I said, I simply paused to consider that rant. "I'm... okay," I say with a sigh. It is Friday, after all. And it's quite possible that I'll make it to the weekend.

And look. Here I am. :)

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