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  30 Jan 2000  

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The green stars in the title graphics are Japanese Maple leaves, thus the title for this design.

As usual, I took pictures with my Casio Digital Camera, graphics were manipulated with Paint Shop Pro, html written in NoteTab Professional.

My major goal for this design was to clean up my html coding. The tables used here and in the Ivy Design are rather complicated. It is next to impossible to change the code in Ivy because I didn't label anything. The code for this design is carefully commented and it will be much easier to change or add to.

I rediscovered Netscape's problems with in-line style sheets. Basically, if you put an image near any text that has been defined with an in-line style, all images and text will pile up on top of each other. This is rather detrimental to the overall appearance of a page. The problem is easily solved, however, by putting everything in a table, and separating images and text into different cells.

It is still important to me that my designs look similar in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and can be viewed at all monitor resolutions. This design is optimized for 800x600, but has no problems with 640x480 or the larger resolutions. Web-tv viewers will see the evil horizontal scroll bar, however, I provided enough white space at the right and left margins so that the scroll bar need only to be centered and all text will be on screen. This design also optimized for color, unlike the Ivy Design, and looks similar both at 16 bit high color and at 32 bit true color. It even looks okay at 256 colors, if anyone happens to be in the dark ages.

I also discovered that QuickRes, the cute little program I use to change my monitor resolutions and color settings, tends to crash my system. Lovely.

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Today's White Noise
I used only two of the many photos I took of the Japanese Maple tree at the Georgia State Botanical Garden... One close up of the beautiful star-like leaves, and one of an accidental sun streak which produced the greenish color for the buttons.

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