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23 June 2001 ... Apathy
Apathy runs amok.

Apathy is this little dog. One of those ugly terrier-types. Very hyper. Constantly barking. Never quits. All day. All night. No rest.

That's my Apathy. Barking in the middle of my mind. The most annoying sound in the world.

A creative person comes out every once in a while to offer comfort to the yipping little dog. But the dog whips around, every time, and bites. Draws blood and the creative person scuttles away into the darkness, to nurse wounds.

That's my Apathy. Scaring all the great ideas away.

I don't know what my little dog eats. I can guarantee it's not Old Roy. heh. But he's been around for a few weeks and nothing is getting done while he's barking.

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