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19 May 2001 ... Stupid People Annoy me
Standing out on my porch today, enjoying the relatively cool weather, shaking my head at all the stupidity the people below are showing. I will make no comment on the unsupervised girl-child throwing rocks at cars, or the fist fight I was prepared to wage with a boy who threatened violence to a younger, smaller girl. Fortunately, the girl's mother had been within hearing range as well, and she stepped in, screaming, just before I would have.

Nope. Today's pet peeve is stupid people who buy "Old Roy" to feed their dog. If you happen to have a dog in your home, and you feed him/her Old Roy: You are stupid and I don't like you. Not to offend any of my readers... and it doesn't mean you're incorrigible or anything.

When I took my Animal Nutrition classes in college, we laughed at the stupid people who bought Old Roy and similar low cost pet foods. When I worked in a veterinary clinic, we laughed at the stupid people who fed Old Roy. Get the picture here? If you come home with a big bag of Old Roy, you are Stupid. okay?

"But... But...?" you say. "The bag says 99% protein or something like that! Isn't that good?" Okay, stupid person. Old Roy is cheap for a reason. In my cool Animal Nutrition class, I learned if you take a handful of that oh-so-yummy-looking Old Roy crap and dissolve it in water... what you'll get leftover is little bits of hide, fur, hooves, bird beaks, maybe some cartilage. That stuff is completely protein, and it's completely undigestible. You may as well be feeding your dog air, for all the nutrition they get out of that stuff.

Okay, people? If you have a dog, have a heart and feed him or her some real dog food. And the same goes for cats and their food as well.

I will get off my soap box now. Just as long as you understand. Our loving animal friends need a little help from us.

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