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27 June 2001 ... Time
I try not to obsess about time. In fact, occasionally, I intentionally pay no attention at all to time. In the evening, I go to sleep, not by the clock, but when I am tired. My life does not revolve around tv shows, so I don't have to keep an eye on the time for that either. In the morning, I leave for work when I am ready.

But when I do look at the time, I want to know the exact time.

So, the electricity went off for about an hour today. I don't mind staring at blinking 12:00s. But when I went to fix them, I realized that I, personally, don't have a reliable source to synchronize the clocks to. All of my battery powered clocks and watches are buried in a box in the closet and I knew my computer was off by several minutes.

I have a little program called Net Date. heh, the copyright on the program is 1996, and that's probably when I got it too... I am bummed that the web page is long gone because it is a nifty little utility which I use fairly often. It gets the exact time from one of the military servers, and updates your computer clock.

Except for the fact that it hasn't worked for the past couple of months. So that's why the computer time was off by several minutes. And when my little Net Date program didn't work today, I had to go and track down a new program to get the exact time.

Not that I obsess or anything. :)

If you're half interested, I got Atom Time. It gets it's time from the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. The program is shareware, 10$ to register after a month. And, yes, I fully intend on paying when my month is up... I really believe in paying for good software that I use on a regular basis.

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