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9 June 2001 ... The Weekend Update
Slowly but surely I am learning braille at work. I pretty much know all the letters, so I proofread fairly well. I still have to get the cheat sheet book out for words with certain combinations of letters in them. For instance, my name Cheri is a three letter word in braille. That's what the dots say. I picked up the braille font over at Duxbury Systems.

Since I proofread more often than I actually read, I've noticed that it is much more difficult for me to cold read the braille. I can pick out the letters one by one, but my brain doesn't put them together to form a word... it's just letters. I really have to think and do conscious spelling in order to read the stuff. Oh, well, I'll get it eventually.

Fiasco II, the new computer has been doing well, I suppose. Due to all the problems I've experienced with him and his predecessor in the past, I don't trust him at all. I feel like I have to tip-toe around him, coddle him to make sure he keeps working.

The coddling is probably not necessary at this point. But it takes time to earn back trust.

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