January, February 1999

31 December 1998 ::: New Year :::
Happy New Year, everyone! :)

3 January 1999 ::: Dishes :::
Apparently, there is an order to washing dishes. No one ever told me about this! I think the idea is to wash the less dirty dishes first, or something like that. I don't know. I have always just washed the dishes on top, first... and the dishes on the bottom get washed last. Mostly I just think that people who try to instill order are weird! :)

10 Jan 1999 ::: Thanks :::
I have been going through my journal from January 1998. It's quite interesting. Things have changed quite a lot in the last year, and most of it has been for the better! I have even gotten some of my wishes...

My life has improved, and I wish to thank the people in my life that helped make that happen.
My parents: Just a simple Thanks!
My brother Jeff: Thanks for all the computer help and the chats.
My companion animal Adric: Thanks for being cute.
My co-worker Sam: Thanks for making me laugh.
My college friends, Hollie, Jonathan, J.G.: Thanks for being my friends.
My forum friends, DM, Ebony, flyer, s&co, shonna, SonS, and so many others: Thank you ever so much for being there. I love you guys!
And extra special Thanks go to Clark, my next door neighbor.

18 January 1999 ::: War on Bugs :::
cheri begins her war on bugs.

In the beginning, cheri was a good little vegetarian. Respect for life. All life. This does include bugs! cheri never killed bugs! She felt bad if she accidently stepped on an ant!

Then cheri moved to Georgia. For over a year she lived in peace with her bugs. Then one day, cheri snapped. She squashed a poor little beetle with her bare hand. Bug guts on the wall, bug blood on her hand! Then she went to the kitchen where she saw 10 bugs too many. And she did kill them all!

She cleaned her kitchen and even washed her dishes... and then she sprayed the only bug spray she had: Off! The cockroaches don't like Off! cheri hasn't seen too many bugs since then! Yea!!

23 Jan 1999 ::: Telemarketers Again :::
<grumble, grumble> Telemarketers. How I dispise them! I guess they have figured out that Saturday is the day to call me, since any other time I am at work or on-line. So the first one calls me at 11:20 this morning. This _Morning_! Can you believe it?? They won't even let a person sleep in excessively. Not that I was sleeping in excessively, but that is not the point. The point is, that I did turn off my phone so that I wouldn't have to talk to any other annoying people today. And anyway, why would I want to pay 70$ a year to belong to a home and garden improvement club when I don't even own a home or a garden?? And I love how they try to pronounce my name... can't get first or last name correct!
<cheri throws curses at telemarketers>

26 Jan 1999 ::: Poor 'Puter :::
Sorry guys... this place will be same-old, same-old for the next few days. My computer is having a nervous breakdown and cheri gets to play therapist for a while. Hopefully we'll be up and running again by this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me, 'kay?! :)

1 Feb 1999 ::: Nothing :::
Alrighty then. Looks like the computer is back in business. Yay.
Unfortunately I have nothing interesting to say here today. Boo.
Well, come back soon and maybe I will have been inspired with something or other.

8 Feb 1999 ::: Win Crashes :::
Gosh. Does anyone know how often Win95 is _supposed_ to crash?? I just recently completely cleaned up my system and I am still crashing at a rate of about once every 3 hours or so. Which, granted, this is a big, huge, humongous improvement from before where we would die about every half hour. But still! I mean, People!! How 'bout a stable operating system?? I know, I know, I should get win98 already. Damn Microsoft, I say.

10 Feb 99 ::: Recognized :::
I was recognized by a stranger the other day. It was bound to happen, I suppose. It's a small town, I work in a fairly large vet clinic / boarding facility. It's kind of weird when someone comes up to you and says, "You work at Athens Vet, don't you?" cheri says: "Um. Yep." I can tell I need to work on a more appropriate, inviting response there, don't I?! :) Well, everyone knows how great my vocal communication is. Even weird stranger person knows now!

14 Feb 99 ::: V-Day :::
Happy Evil V-Day EveryOne!

15 Feb 99 ::: Godmotherliness :::
Well. Apparently I am a godmother. Of some Furbies. :) Over the weekend, I went to the store with my friend to pick up Furbies for her kids. And today, she declared me a godmother. hehe. Isn't that cool?! It kind of makes me want to go out and get my own Furby. I don't know anything about them, tho. I guess they talk or something. And they are kind of cute. And they say "Whee" when you make them do somersaults. And they are required to have godparents. That's all I know.

16 Feb 99 ::: Pointless :::
So, tell me again: What is the purpose of life? What are you supposed to do when everything is so very pointless? You do your best, but in a hundred years it's not even going to matter. Hell, it's not even going to matter a week from now.

It doesn't matter how much you rearrange the furniture. It's still the same stupid room, and everything is still the same really. And you can't throw anything away, 'cause you might need it or you think it's important. And you can't get anything new, 'cause it won't fit or it won't 'go' with everything else. And you can't afford it anyway.

Nevermind. Just cheri thinking too much.

20 Feb 99 ::: Full-Time Net :::
I know a couple of people who work full time on their website. As in they don't have "real" jobs. Lockergnome and Digital Blasphmey. Wouldn't that be the coolest?! Heck, I wish I could quit my job and play on the internet all day instead. :)

21 Feb 99 ::: Technical Problems :::
Sighs. Guess I will be buying a new CD player here soon. [It has turned into a little bug sanctuary for some reason.] 1999 has not been a good year for this particular technophile. So far I've had to fix my toaster and format my C: drive. Twice. Now the CD player. Next on the list is that strange rattle coming from underneath my car. The techno-gods hate me.

22 Feb 99 ::: Bugs :::
Yipee. The CD player is mostly working again now! Yea! I guess the bugs are moving out, slowly but surely. 'Cause, you know, they don't like "Off!" and I pretty much hosed the stereo down with it. heh. Damnable bugs.

And so today I was going to play with my extra hard drives. They have been sitting in a pile in the corner for the last month or so (since I got distracted with the 'puters nervous breakdown). Anyway, I lifted the top one and a couple bugs ran out. cheri says: "Ick!" I lifted the middle one, and a few more bugs ran out. cheri sighs and reaches for the "Off!" I set those two hard drives aside and reach for the bottom hd. oh. There's seriously about 40 bugs of various shapes and sizes hanging out under it.

cheri whispers a very quiet, very long, SCREAM of horror as the bugs make a run for it. oh gods. It is very horrid. The bottom hard drive is just infested with bugs!

cheri does not like it here anymore.

Will someone please tell me why my bugs are attracted to my gadgets??!!

23 Feb 99 ::: Writing :::
I always wished that I could write stories. I can't, really. Which is to say, I don't. I lack motivation. In college I forced motivation upon myself by taking the creative writing courses. So I had to write two or three stories for workshop every semester that I was able to get in (as a non-English major). Inevitably, being a procrastinator, the story would get written a day or two before it was due. Even tho the prof said to write it, then edit it a week later, and then turn it in. That particular process seemed silly to me at the time. And so my grades for those classes were always B-, because that was the lowest grade you could get to pass.

It didn't do my self esteem very much good, and I quit writing stories. These days I just sit around and wish I could write a story. Until the other day that is. I had an idea for a "short short". I wrote the opening scene. I wrote the closing image. Put it aside for about 5 minutes. Then wrote the middle. Amazing. Well to me at least. Since it has literally been years since I have composed a story.

And now I am going to finally do as my teachers instructed. I am hiding the story and I will edit it in a week. Look for a new addition in my Creation section, coming this weekend. :)

[Author's note: the Creation page has been taken down since I wrote this.]

25 Feb 99 ::: ISP down :::
My ISP cut me off today. <cheri panics> I don't even remember what people are supposed to do when they are not on-line or at work or asleep. ack. I NEED my email. I need to type to somebody! Anybody! I need my Amazon.com. Come on, baby, please connect this time?!

28 Feb 99 ::: Cooking :::
Ack. I accidently went and bought some food that can't be cooked in the microwave. I don't know. I can't decide if I want to follow the directions and put it in the oven, or just nuke it anyway. I think I am feeling brave today.

I don't understand this pre-heat business. Why can't you just put the food in and turn on the oven. Wouldn't that be simpler?? And then there are all these weird rack things in the oven. Which one are you supposed to put the food on, anyway? oh. Cooking is so confusing.

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