Oct, Nov, Dec 1998

::: Entertaining :::

Hmm. Lets see. I was supposed to write something witty and entertaining here. Well, how 'bout we just pretend. Could you just smile a little and think "Now that was witty!"?

::: Creativity Site :::

Yesterday, I was surfing the web, semi-randomly... basically looking up stuff to do with creativity. I found a great page and then realized that it was an essay written by my most favorite author in the world, Tara K. Harper. Wow. So, go check out her homepage: Science-Fiction Author: Tara K. Harper

The article that really got me was On Becoming an Writer ... (if you want to be a writer, then write) HA! That is so true! And that is me. I have always thought that I wanted to be a writer/author... but now that I am not actually taking any writing courses I don't write stories anymore. So I don't really want to be a writer after all.

So the question is: What do I want to do??? Too bad I can't be a professional web surfer. :)

::: Free Time :::

How do you spend your free time?? Me, I play with my computer... I average 2.5+ hours a day on the internet. wow. But think about it. If you were to spend 2 hours a day, every single day, doing something... what would it be? Wouldn't you want something to show for it? Or maybe the question would be: What would you get out of if?

For me, my two hours of internet is spent in entertainment, in communicating, in learning, and in creating. And what do I get out of it? I get some amusement, some people I know, some trivia and direction, and of course this web page. I think it's worth it, even tho people regard me as an asocial hermit type! :)

::: Sick :::

Ah, stories of the sick... so, I have been down with some kind of flu like thing for the past few days, and of course nothing seems to go right when you don't feel well. I tried to cook up some soup, 'cause, you know, that's what you want to eat when you are sick. I think I left it in the microwave too long tho 'cause it exploded. I hear a "poof" and turn around to see the container on it's side, a layer of potato soup covering the entire inside of the microwave. sighs. and you know what? I just spooned it up and ate it anyway. Can't do me much more damage, know?!

I could just hear my neighbor's music through the wall. I almost gave him a call to change CDs and turn it up, 'cause my phone was a little bit closer than my own stereo remote control. Now is that pathetic or what?! :)

::: Worries :::

Ever notice how there is always something to worry about? If there's not a weeks worth of dishes in the sink, your license plates are three months overdue. Or, you know, you spill a glass of water all inside your CPU. opps. The good news is that a couple of hours under a fan and the CPU is humming away like usual, yea! The other good news is that the keyboard still works even tho it is still dripping water. HA. I hope I don't get electricuted!! :) If you don't hear from me for a while you'll know what those burns on all my finger tips are from!!

::: Elfwood :::

Oh! Okay, people... here is where I have been hanging out the past week or so. Elfwood: Lothlorien. Wow, I just can't get enough of this place. This is where I happened to enter the site: Images by Janet J E Chui. Note: Site no longer exists Not my favorite artist there, perhaps, but several "wow" pieces.

::: Computer Crashing :::

What is it with computers today. Which is to say: What is it with my computer?! Crashes left and right lately. I have tried to coddle it. I have put spells of protection on it. I have lit my lucky candle near it. I told my guard dog (Pepé the Pound Puppy) to guard it. To no avail. I finally had to shut the computer down, turn it off, kill it for a few hours. Hopefully the beauty sleep has done it some good. If you hear me begging pathetically then screaming in frustration, you will know it has crashed yet again.

...Oh crap. Two window's errors in the last five minutes. It's not looking good. ...You know what? Maybe I should be saving my work as I go! :)

Wednesday 21 October 1998 ::: The "p" Word :::
You know what my problem is? Well, besides the fact that I have NO idea as to what the heck I am doing. My problem is that I have too many projects going at once. It's a perpetual thing... I have no sense of organization or planning or that other "p" word, priority. Yes, "Why don't you prioritize?" "Huh?" "You know. Do what's important first." "But Everything is important!!!" People just don't understand.

Sunday 25 Oct 1998 ::: Cake :::
Oh my gosh. I am baking a cake. Okay, now I won't say that my oven has never been turned on... But I will say that I, personally, have never used it. Oh my gosh. I am so scared. If this stupid cake does not turn out, it will probably be my very last encounter with a heated oven. This is like a major life turning point here! And you scoff! Oh my gosh. And the directions say to cook the thing for 25 to 30 minutes. So which is it?? 25 or 30?? Maybe I should compromise and make it 27.5 minutes. And what is it with sticking toothpicks into my cake??! I don't have any flipping toothpicks!!! Oh dear. It's going to be ruined, isn't it?! Oh dear.

Sunday 1 Nov 1998 ::: Bug :::
Well, here is a scary, halloween story for you, a day late.

I live in the south. Which basically means I live with bugs. The bug killer comes every two weeks, but there are always bugs. The other day, I opened the door of the microwave to cook my dinner and a bug just ran right into the microwave. "HA" I thought and slammed the door and set the thing to cook for a minute. I sat and watched. The bug crawled around. I watched some more. Bug still crawling. The microwave beeped. The bug was still alive. AAAAHHHHH! Radioactive BUG!!!!!!

Well. I did squoosh the bug. But isn't that a scary story?!

Sunday 8 Nov 1998 ::: Moo :::
Every time I see a cow, I want to say "MOO!"

Sometimes I do moo! :)

Monday 9 Nov 1998 ::: Nails :::
Oh the indignities I visit upon my little friend, Adric the guinea pig. Adric got his nails trimmed today. He always makes such a big deal out of the whole affair. He says he wants his treat Now, not after his manicure. Squirms all over the place. It's amazing I can do anything at all without quicking him. But I manage. Usually.

By the way, companion animals' nails need to be trimmed about once a month. :)

Wednesday 18 Nov 1998 ::: Phone Line :::
No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the Internet. I just haven't had a phone line since the 10th. Damn BellSouth.

Did ya miss me? Didn't think so.

Anyway. Have you ever been without a phone line for a week. It is not a pleasent experience, let me tell you. What particularly amused me was the fact that every time I called the phone company to complain they would always close the conversation with "Thank you for choosing BellSouth." Yeah, right. BellSouth is the only phone company here. There is no choice.

Down with monopolies, I say!!

Monday 23 Nov 1998 ::: Inspiration :::
How do you get inspired? I am in desperate need of some inspiration. How does the whole inspiration thing work anyway? Sometimes Ideas hit you while you are driving down the road. Other times you are actually working on a creative project, and an Idea for a different project comes out of the blue. Or nice twists evolve on their own as you are working.

And these Ideas that hit you: the good ones always seem to occur to you while you are doing something important. Like sleeping. You suddenly wake up with this incredible thought. And you know you have to get up and write it down or it will be gone forever. It's a dilemma. 'Cause you are so very tired, and your note book just happens to be on the other side of the room for some strange, stupid reason.

Thursday 26 Nov 1998 ::: Thanksgiving :::
Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope everyone is having a Great day. :)

Saturday 28 Nov 1998 ::: SideTracked :::
One of the problems associated with being easily amused is that one gets side tracked so easily. Actually maybe the real problem is with short-term memory retention. I was in front of the fridge today, rumaging, when I suddenly had an idea to write about here. I laughed at my own witticism, and made my way over to the computer to type it all out. There was already a different window open on my desktop, something I was working on an hour or so ago. I decided to spend maybe two minutes to finish that up before I wrote my thing here. Mistake. Whatever it was I was thinking about is gone, gone, gone like the wind. Ack. And it was really amusing, too!

Saturday 5 Dec 1998 ::: The News :::
I don't watch much TV. I never watch the news. TV is all well and good, but the stuff on the news is for really real. Depressing, you know. I've got enough stuff in my own world to be depressed about without adding the rest of the world.

I remember reading this blurb somewhere about the violence on television news programs. Some organization did a study about it and found in one community while the violence in the area decreased, they were actually showing more violence on the local news. Weird, huh? Ratings, I guess.

I don't read newspapers either, unless it's the comics. You've probably figured out that I am not to up-to-date on current affairs. <shrug> Oh well, life goes on just fine!

Thursday 10 December 1998 ::: Big and Small :::
I was amused at work today... I give dogs and cats baths, I haven't been too busy at that for the past week or so. Today's first bath dog was a Huge, 125 pound Rottweiler. whoa. and today's second bath was a tiny 8.5 pound Manchester Terrier. A manchester terrier looks a little bit like a tiny Doberman. So, I had this big huge black and tan Rott, then next this tiny, toy black and tan Man. Terrier. Same basic color pattern, but perfect opposites in body type!

<thinking> Isn't it amazing the differences that appear within the same Species. Horses are the same way... You've got big ol' Clydesdales and itty bitty Miniture Horses. And everything in between. And these things didn't just evolve that way... Man's hand has been in it since the beginning, selecting the characteristics to form whatever breed you can think of. And all the time, breeding the brains out of the Dalmations!

Monday 14 Dec 1998 ::: Hard Drives :::
Oh dear. Back to coddling my computer. To be specific, coddling the hard drives. I am continually running out of room on my C: drive... except this time I think I have run out of things to zip up or delete, eek. So it is definately time for a new hard drive. I am thinking 10 gigs or more should about do it. That would make me and my poor computer happy. For a couple months at least! :)

15 December 1998 ::: Christmas :::
Well, that's all people. I'm on vacation, so this page will be lacking in the updates for a few. I'll be back before the New Year, and with a new project, so hang tight!

Have a Great Christmas Time!!

27 December 1998 ::: Resolutions :::
Well, it is that time of year when we start examining our lives to make some resolutions. Breaking bad habits and Making good habits. Generally trying to improve ourselves. Unfortunately a significant proportion of our New Year's resolutions are forgotten by February.

If you do make resolutions this time of year, really examine them. Are your resolutions even possible? Do you really want them, for yourself??

Perhaps you should make the one simple resolution of Living your life to the best of your ability. This is one resolution that you can succeed at!

28 December 1998 ::: Work :::
Think about work. No one really wants to work. But you have to work in order to pay for all the mundanities of life. The best you can hope for is a kind of work that you enjoy. But it's still work, right?

And you come home from your work... and what happens if you are too tired to do anything but sit in front of the TV? What kind of life is that? You can't even do the things that you think you want to do! But then I thought: if you aren't doing these things that you think you want to do... then maybe you don't actually want to do them. You know?

29 December 1998 ::: Advice for Emergencies :::
Some good advice from PeTA's "Animal Times" magazine: A fire fighter told me if emergency personnel come to evacuate you, don't argue or say, "Just let me get my dog, cat, etc." Say, "Thanks. I'll get my baby." Their rules may prevent allowing you to linger for non-human beings.

The little ones are always a part of the family. Please treat them with respect.

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