August 1998

Tuesday 4 August 1998 ::: Bye Mom :::

I know that all my adoring fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next installment here! :) Well, await no longer, my Mom is gone and I can get down to business again, yea.

After living alone for how many months? my Mom was my first visitor. It's the little things that get you. Not so much the fact that you can't just eat a peice of bread and some cookies for dinner at 10 or 11 at night. That didn't particularly bother me. It's the shower head thing. You know. Before she came it had been perfectly positioned, hadn't been moved in months. My Mom comes breezing in and changes the direction of the shower head! I will probably spend the next month or so trying to find that perfect position again! :)

Wednesday 5 August 1998 ::: Telemarketers part 2 :::

I made a telemarketer very happy today. I bought 50$ worth of stuff over the phone. I know, I know. Telemarketers are bad. And in general they are the most evil beings on earth. However, if you are selling me software (and Don't wake me up from a nap) , you might not be so bad. The nice people at Serif always call me up about their price breaks, too. And after I hang up with that guy, I hop online and go straight to, silly me, and buy some tunes. Why, yes, sir, I am trying to max out my credit card! Foolish me.

Wednesday 5 August 1998 ::: Web Rings :::

So, I am thinking I need to bring some more traffic through here. I basically have two options. Sign up with the search engines. Yeah, right. And META tags are such a pain. And then how in the world do I describe this place anyway?? Or I could join web rings. Everybody has a webring or 10 these days, right. Unfortunately, I have yet to see one called the "Stupid sites that might be mildly amusing if you happen to be really bored" web ring.

Thursday 6 August 1998 ::: 99X Radio Station :::

Well, here I am, playing around with the latest RealPlayer, fun, fun. My favorite radio station has a great web site (99X WorldWide) and I am finally finding out about all the great songs I am listening to. I am really turning into an Alternative junkie. :) The best song right now is Jumper by Third Eye Blind. Other songs I like: Inside Out (Eve 6), Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger), Concede (Sister Hazel), What I Didn't Know (Athenaeum), One Week (Barenaked Ladies). And of course there is no way one could forget Smashing Pumpkins: Ava Adore, Perfect, Mayonaise, Disarm(!!)... You can hear snippets of most of these songs at the 99X website, under "99X Music" there is an official play list. Enjoy!

Friday 7 August 1998 ::: Paganism :::

I think Paganism looks like a very interesting religion. No, folks, I am not looking for any so-called "answers" or "truths" or anything like that. But from the little I know about Pagans... it just sounds a little bit better than christianity. You will not find a Pagan trying to push their religion on you, which is one of the major downfalls of most other religions. Just look at the horrors resulting from christian missionaries and the mild (to not so mild) annoyances of evangelists today. Well, anyway, just my two cents, as usual!

Saturday 8 August 1998 ::: Glass :::

Time for some trivia, people. Glass. Yes, okay, glass really fascinates me for some strange reason. Not technically a solid, not technically a liquid, sometimes referred to as a super-cooled liquid. It does not belong in any of the three classical states of matter: Gaseous state (random molecules, very far apart), Liquid state (random molecules close together but able to move about), or Crystalline state (molecules are held firmly in position in a 3D lattice).

The atoms in glass are arranged at random, but are frozen in position. So, glass has some aspects of a crystalline solid and some aspects of a liquid: it is rigid like a solid but it's random atomic structure is characteristic of a liquid. Cool, aye?!

There are other things that don't fit into the three states of matter. Wood, rubber, plastics, dough and living cells.

Yes, I know. This is all terribly interesting to you, isn't it? :) But now you have some incredibly interesting trivia to tell people. Even tho they will argue with you relentlessly and probably never believe you anyway. Unless they have been enlightened by my website! Tell them to stop on by anytime! hehe.

Sunday 9 August 1998 ::: Legend :::

Oh, man. I have been working very hard all day on a new project. A new page is in the works. Those of you who know me, might know that my most favorite movie in the world is Legend. So I am working on a Legend page. I know, you couldn't care less. But if I ever get it done, that means I will be able to join a real web ring! :) Yep, there are other people who like Legend too! So, I have been working diligently all day, organizing and making up graphics. And all I have to show for it are an aching wrist and a few sharp pangs of carpal tunnel!

Tuesday 11 August 1998 ::: Pppbbbttt :::

Pppbbbttt. That's what I have to say today. Work is busy, plus I am having to stay late. I come home to work on 200$ worth of new software, a new book and a new cd. Ack. Well, I haven't even gotten through half of the software, but it looks pretty cool. The new cd is great (Book of Secrets, Loreena McKennitt). The new book... well, the cover looks pretty. :)

Wednesday 12 August 1998 ::: Poetry :::

Poetry. So, you ever think about it? I do. Quite a bit. Mostly I just think that I should be writing some. I used to write (corny) poems about my horrible writer's block. heh. But, now, I can't even get that far. I do write everyday in the journal. But that is never any kind of creative writing, just my random thoughts. Then again, if my thoughts got just a little bit more random we could get one of those surrealistic poems out of it. :)

Friday 14 August 1998 ::: Anesthetic :::

I work at a veterinarian clinic. It's a lot of fun and all, you don't have to go looking very far to find something amusing. :) Like for instance... We sleep a lot of dogs and cats for surgery or a dental or whatever. The anesthetic that they typically use for the animals was first tried out on humans. Yes, it worked as an anesthetic, however it caused hallucinations when the people were waking up: making that drug inappropiate for humans (for some strange reason!), but acceptable for animals. And, yes, the animals see hallucinations too. hehe. It's really funny watching these little guys wake up. Their heads move back and forth, eyes watching all this stuff. But then you have to wonder... what is it that the animals see that is so interesting???

Saturday 15 August 1998 ::: A Year Left :::

We've basically got a year left before the Edgar Cayce end of the world. What would you be doing if you knew you only had a year left before you died? Would you be out there trying to do something Important, trying to change the world kind of thing? Or would you be quitting your job and slacking off, enjoying yourself? For me... Well, I think I would try to take my real life more seriously and my job a lot less seriously. My job: consisting of being responsible and all that. And my real life: consisting of being creative. But of course I can focus on my creativity any time, so maybe I should... :) And this site is a small part of that focus, so in other words, I really think I am definitely heading down a good Life Path! Where is your life path taking you??

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