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20 October 2000 ... Job, Hostility
Bah. Well, if you haven't figured it out from the lack of journal entries here, my new computer has died again. This makes cheri very unhappy. And rather grumpy.

So, I'm sitting there at work, contemplating how crappy my life is without a 700mhz computer. And this supervisor who I don't even know comes by and starts criticizing. "You aren't testing these. You have to test these, 100%"

In cheri's head: "Lady. I have been sitting here, doing this dumb job for two whole weeks. I make well over 2500 of these stupid little things every day. I tested every one of them the first week and not one failed the test. So after 10,000 passed tests, does it really even matter any more? No." continue on with random cussing.

What cheri says: "Okay."

In cheri's head: more cussing.

I usually average around two different jobs a day. So you can see how getting stuck at this one job for two weeks is getting pretty old. And then this other lady comes by, telling a horror story about how once everyone in the building worked on this same job for over six weeks straight. argh!

The people around me are talking constantly today. Mostly in Spanish.

In cheri's head: "Just Shut Up!"

The girl next to me starts whistling. Off tune.

In cheri's head: Considering launching myself at her and throttling her on the floor.

Such hostility, I know. But I think it goes with the factory territory. A couple weeks ago I was sitting next to a woman. "Someone stole my pencil," she says. cheri says: "I didn't see anyone." "I think it happened over lunch." "Oh." She ends with, "I hope they die." In cheri's head: "Jeez, it's just a pencil!" cheri says: "You can borrow mine."

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