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22 October 2000 ... Job, Reflections
Have you noticed how often I am writing about my new job here? I have.

I wish I had written more about my old job working in a veterinary clinic. Now that would have been a half decent book, there. But I think I was too close to it, to write about it publicly. As much as we joked around at the clinic, things there were still "life and death." And dealing with just a few of the same people every day, it was personal.

In the new job, there is no responsibility. And I see lots of coworkers every day. They don't care about me, I don't care about them. I guess it makes it easy to make fun of.

It's not a bad job, after all. They pay me for my time. I get some reading done at lunch. I've gotten a few journal entries out of it. I've even done some writing. Um. Okay, yes, I was supposed to be working at the time. And I've stolen a few of their "Production Move Tickets" to write on. At the bottom of the ticket it says "Removal of this ticket may be cause for dismissal." That amuses me.

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