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14 October 2000 ... Job, Lunch
Actually, this particular entry is from two days ago. And why is it here, you ask. Because two days ago, instead of typing and uploading, I was deleting and reinstalling.

They give us half an hour for lunch at work. Even tho they have food in the form of vending machine sandwiches, soups, chips and candy, I usually bring my own lunch. I usually pack a granola bar for the 8 o'clock break, for lunch I make a peanut butter sandwich, a cheese sandwich and either a can of V8 or a thing of apple sauce, and a Coke for the 1 o'clock break.

At first food was all I brought to lunch. I sat there in the break room, ate my food and was forced to chat with whoever happened to sit across from me at the table. Here's the Standard Factory Conversation:

Standard Question: "How long have you been working here?"
Standard Answer: "One month" or maybe "Two months"

Standard Question: "Do you like it here?"
Standard Answer: "Yeah. It's okay."

Standard Question: "Do you have kids?"
Standard Answer: "Yes." It's usually two kids, ages range between two and twelve.

Then I met someone new. After the Standard Factory Conversation, she asks me why I had no kids. cheri says: "I don't really like children." "Oh, no," she says. "One day you get sad. Then you have a child. And then you are happy again."

Ah. Is that how that works?

So the next day I brought a book. Which kept the lunch time human interaction to a minimum. But brought it's own problems as well. Not only am I the only one without kids, I'm the only one who actively reads as well, which turns on people's curiosity. There I am, during the day, happily daydreaming and putting little thingees together. Someone walks by and wants to know what I'm reading. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Which has earned me the title "Sci-Fi." As in, "Hey, Sci-Fi. How's it going?"

Cheri rolls her eyes.

But now, I've run out of Fant & Sci Fi mags to read. So I signed up for a new class over at B&N University. The Astronomy class actually started a couple weeks ago, so I'm a bit behind, but that's okay. I print out the lessons, take 'em to work, and it makes me feel a little bit productive. Like I am working on improving myself.

A good thing.

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