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13 October 2000 ... Sheesh
Boy, what a day. ugh. What a week. Remember the little computer problems I was having the other day? Well, they got worse and then they got intolerable. Poor Fiasco. I had to format the C: drive. That's always fun.

And then I couldn't get a clean install of win98. It would go along for 20 minutes or so, then some important dll or something would die and I would have to start over with another format. But then WC saved the day. He came and sat with me and counter-acted the computer-crashing waves I naturally give off. Yay. So now, hopefully the computer will be okay for another month or so. :)

So, I was driving to work this morning. I left early, so I wasn't in a terrible rush. The moon was full, and thinking about setting. Listening to tunes on the 80's station. Then traffic comes to a stand still. huh? I can't see around the SUV in front of me, but I am pretty surprised when I finally do get around.

There's two people in the middle of the damn street, fighting. They are down on the ground, just having it out. Somebody had even thrown down a flare so they wouldn't get hit by a car. Like they are going to be there a while. Man. Fighting. In the middle of the street. A pretty busy street, at that.

Have I mentioned lately? People are so stupid!

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