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25 September 2000 ... Traffic
There is good traffic and there is bad traffic. The bad traffic is when you are in your car coming home from work. ick. Cheri's philosophy on that: "You people need to get out of my way!" Then there is the good traffic: web site traffic, of course.

This weekend I spent some time going over my site stats. The plan was to look at what's popular at my sprawling site and see what needs to be done to improve those areas. It's not too busy around here.

I average around 35 or so visitors every day, between 1 and 10 people looking at my journal, and the others mostly looking at my Issues section or my Web Design section.

The most popular area of my site is the Issues: Self-Harm site. I get hits from the Google search engine of people looking for transcripts of Dateline and 20/20. I also have links from a fairly popular page, Self-Injury.

Then we have the Web Design pages. From Google and several other search engines, there are people looking for pictures of dragonflies, japanese maples, ivy plants.

So. What does this all mean. Not much to you, I just felt like talking about it. :) I've tweaked the navigation on the self-harm pages, to make things a bit more clear. In the near future I am going to go through the web design pages and do the same thing, as well as adding some of the original photos of the Japanese Maple and the English Ivy.

I'm also trying an experiment. I am going to try to write here every day this week. ha. We'll see how that goes, huh?

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