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24 September 2000 ... Classic Literature
Last night I had a dream about The Odyssey. You know, the story by Homer. The dream was so interesting that I didn't write it down immediately, trusting to my memory. Of course, I've forgotten all but a little bit. What I remember is that something so important happened about the Odyssey that I was going to buy a sub-domain at Except I was worried that people would think that it was the 20th Century Homer Simpson instead of the Eighth Century B.C.E. poet. heh.

I figured my dream was a sign and this morning I pulled out my old college World Lit book. It's a heafty thing, about two inches thick, over 2400 pages with teeny tiny print. I had forgotten that on the cover was a reproduction of an El Greco. His paintings are distinctive: black with ghostly white highlights. I really like El Greco's stuff.

I opened up my book and remembered why I had kept the thing. The book includes lots of the classics from Homer to Ovid and stuff from the Middle Ages like Beowulf, some Chaucer, Thomas More, and Shakespeare. World Literature was a freshman class and I kept the book because I was so sure I would eventually read the whole thing. The book is stuck in a box and gets toted across the country three times. Seven years later, cheri has a dream. :)

I am seriously considering reading some of this stuff, too.

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