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26 September 2000 ... Job, Horror
Today, work turned out to be a half decent horror movie. heh. I was sitting there, putting together my little thingees. Lunch was a little while ago, I had already solved all my daily problems in my head, and I was tired of making up stories about how I was going to escape this evil prison. Basically it was nap time, but us grown-ups are denied that kindergarten privilage.

So. I'm sitting there and the woman right next to me makes a strange movement. I look over and there is blood dripping from her finger. Blood Dripping! Everyone fusses over her. She had been working on some plastic insulators, opening them up to put a metal pin into them. The tool she used to open the insulators was basically a small ice pick. The handle had come off the ice pick, and she had stabbed her finger with the sharp exposed end... The ice pick went all the way through her pinky. Whoa.

She got taken to the doctors and people were checking out the blood stains on the table for the rest of the day. "Is this it?" they would ask, pointing at the stain and looking at me. "Yep." "Did you see it?" "Yep." "Was it all gross?" "Yep," cheri says with a grin.

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