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13 September 2000 ... Job, 4
This morning on my way to work I got to watch the full moon set. Wow. How many people get to see that? Only silly people like me who get up way early in the morning. :)

So I get to work. My job for most of the day is to screw these two thingees together. Yep, I'm getting paid to screw. I screw together over 5600 thingees.

Counting, counting. Ladeda. My car needs an oil change. counting. I wonder if I will go get that done tonight. hmm. probably not. counting. ooh, watch out for that one inspector, she is totally scatterbrained and always manages to make me lose count. counting. I should start reading more. And working on my website more. And finish up those Flash lessons. sighs. So much to do, and I'm stuck at work counting. I wonder when I will have enough money to buy that Flash book. Uh oh, scatterbrain lady again, get away from me! I wonder if I should join the Sci Fi Book Club again. It would be nice to get some new books delivered. Counting counting.

Counting. uugghh... I am so sleepy. I just can't live on seven hours a night. Sleepy. Must stay wake. I promise, I will take a nap when I get home. That's only... uugghh, four and a half hours away. Oh, gods. Wake up, wake up! Sit up straight! Deep breaths! ... Ack, Scatterbrain Lady snuck up on me. Lost count. Damn.

Later, from my on-line travels. You Must read this entry in Catherine's Flux Reflux PhotoJournal. (Link no longer active. boo.)

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