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20 September 2000 ... Shower
The shower at the end of the work day is just great. Not only am I washing away the day's dirt and sweat, but I am washing away the responsibilities and stress as well. Any thing that needed to be done for the day happens before the shower. The shower is usually long and hot. And after the shower I can go into lounge mode with my favorite shorts and tee-shirt, sit down in front of my computer and catch up with some surfing. Total relaxation.

The shower was much needed after this day. At work, I was working in very close quarters right in between two talkers. One of whom is coughing germs everywhere and complaining about how awful she feels. Cheri cringes and inches away. And for all the talk, nothing interesting gets said. On the drive home, I almost get squished by a bus. And then I get stuck for ten minutes at the train tracks waiting for the train to go by.

But the shower helped. Well. And the cookies I bought on the way home. :)

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