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31 March 2000 ... I hate Netscape
Grr. Grr. Grr. Static Girl curses and rants and almost throws the keyboard right through the monitor. Netscape. Netscape is dicking me over yet again. But, oh, damn them, it's the last time.

I have three accounts over at netscape. Three emails and a web site. Damn them. Today, I had to change my usernames on two of my accounts. Including my web site. Do you realize how many problems this is going to present me? My web site is going to be changing to a new URL in a month... Do you realize how many search engines the old URL is listed in??? Do you know what a pain it is to update search engines? Believe me, it's a big pain. Damn them.

And I am going to assume it's all AOL's fault. Netscape must be finally merging with AOL, thus my usernames must be changed. Damn AOL. I hate them, hate them, hate them.

So I will be extracting my revenge. I am going to scale down my site over at netscape. Currently I have 10 or 20 files there, and the main page includes my site guide. The search engines send over an average of two unique visitors every day, so I can't just drop the site, as much as I would like to, and should. But there is not going to be much there when I am done with it... A basic link here and a page that says "disclaimer" or something like that, explaining how much I hate netscape and all the problems they have given me concerning that web site. And of course when the site changes over to the new URL... Well, I won't be submitting any more netscape sites to the search engines.

Yeah, I know. Big deal. No one will pay any attention, as usual. I know. But what else can I do?

Okay. No, I am not going to complain for all this entry.

I have got several projects in the works. I figure I have been a jobless bum for two months, it's time I had something to show for it. :) The biggest project, and the one I am most ignoring, is the move into my new domain, I'm going for a major overhaul of my file system, plus setting up a new site map and adding some new pages.

I am also busy killing some bonsai trees. The plan was to grow some trees from seed, and four or five years later I could sell my little bonsai for a tidy profit. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if any will survive my black thumb.

And then there's this little desktop publishing project I am doing for The Cute One. He thought I could whip this thing up in about an hour. uh huh. So far I've got about 10 hours invested. I'm thinking about asking for a raise. :)

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