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1 April 2000 ... Dreams
Okay. I think I am over my annoyance at Netscape and AOL and big business politics in general (yesterday). I was reminded that I was going to have to change all my links pointing at my Netscape site anyway, since I have a new domain. It's just that now, I am forced into a time frame. Everything has to be done by the end of April. Yes, it will probably get done, I just don't want to think about all the work I have to do in the meantime.

Ooh. And I discovered I have a lot more than 10 or 20 files over at Netscape that I need to delete. More like hundreds. I used to have my whole site over there and I guess I didn't deem it necessary to get rid of it when I moved back here. ugh. Deleting files one by one on a web based file manager is not my idea of a thrilling Saturday afternoon.

Anyway. I have been having some crazy dreams here lately. Last week I had several dreams about big aquariums and those beautiful salt water fish. I was always having to clean the aquarium because the water was all green and I wanted the fishies to be happy.

This week my dreams are about death. Not bad death or scary. More like mildly amusing/interesting. In the first one, I had just died and I was a ghost. In the next dream, two people tried to kill me with this icky yellow poison. There were lots of animal-like aliens in this sequence, they talked to me and were nice. My dream last night was the best of all. Zombies were like normal people, except they had rotting flesh and lived in their coffin (and are a lot nicer than normal people). I was talking to a zombie about the funeral I saw, and asking his opinion about the burial. The zombie said it wasn't his type of funeral, instead of letting the dead guy wander around like the rest of the zombies, they had cut off his head so he could see and talk but not walk. It was a very interesting dream.

So I've been thinking about death since these dreams started up. When you get the Death card in Tarot, it doesn't mean someone is going to die. It means Change. As in, your old life is going to die and you are going to start a new life.

And in the spirit of Change, I've got a new web design rolling around in my brain. Something very different. A little bit more graphic heavy, my apologizes in advance to those of us with dial-up connections. I don't know what the theme is yet, tho, I don't even have a color scheme. Just a new design idea, making my tables do some spiffy stuff.

Plus, I need something to do while I delete Netscape files...

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