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28 March 2000 ... Computer Woes
Ack. Okay, people. Let's play pretend. okay. Pretend that I've been updating the journal every day for the past two weeks. okay. And while we're playing, also pretend that the static journal is wickedly famous, just like those other cool journals. And everyone loves the Static Girl. Got it? Good.

I've decided that I own a sub-standard computer and it no longer serves my needs. This is a terrible blow to my um, you know.

I need a new chip, a new motherboard to go with it. More memory of course. 32megs? paah. I've been wondering about that little box where the power comes from. My 3.5 disk drive died some time ago, and I would love to be able to make a startup disk. My keyboard got a good cleaning after the coffee incident, but the "t" still gives me ttrouble. My monitor has grown progressively darker, and now I am unable to see to play any dos games. And I had a terrible itch to play descent the other day.

So it's probably going to be cheaper to just buy a whole new computer. Maybe I'll buy a pretty Mac.

AHH, AHH, Blasphemy, Horrors! Take it Back, please!

Um. okay. I won't buy a silly Mac. But doesn't someone want to buy me a new 19" monitor? I am after all, a jobless bum and I can't afford a Hershey bar, let alone a new computer...

Actually. I have one Hershey bar left. I think I'm going to eat it now.

The "surfing" link today will take you to Palimpsest, (Site went down.) a new short story ezine. I am pretty impressed with the stories there. Most of them have a sci-fi twist and I recommend the site if you have some time to kill.

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