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24 March 2000 ... Randomness
Complete Randomness...

Of course, you know, I am pre-approved for a Platinum MasterCard. heh. Tho they might retract their approval if they knew my current occupation is not drawing any income. Jobless bum.

Last night at 3:11am someone started pounding on the front door. They didn't stop and I was bound and determined to give them a piece of my mind. Granted, I should have brought a baseball bat along with my bad attitude. I pulled on some clothes and threw open the door. To be confronted by a young stud of a police/security man. heh. He said something about a stereo and a noise complaint and I said something like, "um. no."

Yep. Cute men in the middle of the damn night, and cheri doesn't have sense enough to put on her glasses to see them. ;)

By the way. If anyone is in the market for a domain name, do _not_ register with Half the time their online forms don't go through. I've been trying to change the contact address on the domain I have reg'ed with them. Quite unsuccessfully. Curses on them. I guess I will have to email their tech support. Oh, how I love to deal with tech support. grumble, grumble.

I like Tang. I'm pretty sure that I am the only adult in the world who drinks Tang on a regular basis.
I like being weird.

um. That's all.

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