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18 March 2000 ... AR Discussion
I was just going through the Animal Rights site at I lurked at the discussion board there. The arguments there are interesting and keep me mostly entertained. But after a while it gets depressing. It seems to me that no matter how much information is out there, people are going to continue to abuse animals. Experience says that even a good debate is not going to sway anyone's core beliefs. So why do they bother to keep arguing?

And why do I continue reading? Reading the discussions is not going to sway my own core beliefs. I believe that eating meat is wrong. And I am not going to change my mind about this fact, no matter what silly arguments people have to the contrary. Just like you... you probably do eat meat, and you are not going to be interested in any silly argument I could give. Besides the fact that I was never one for debate, since my verbal skills are lacking. :)

And my point. um. I had none, actually. Or perhaps my point was that discussions about controversial issues between adults is a pointless activity. On the other hand, perhaps the pointlessness of talking is the very point... Perhaps someone in the argument realizes the stupidity of the talk and decides to go out and do something instead.

So. I go out and read pointless discussions about animal rights. I realize this pointlessness and what do I do? Come here and talk about it. Ha. I amuse myself sometimes.

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