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11 March 2000 ... Reading
So. I have been reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, for about a month now. I am about two-thirds the way through, it will probably take at least another two weeks to finish it. For the time I have been reading Mists, I haven't read anything else. Which is strange for me... I am usually reading several works at once. I suppose I have stuck with just one book this time because I have been busy with moving and all. Not to mention that the book itself is so engaging.

But now I am mostly unpacked and settling in to my new home quite well. And I have unpacked and set out several books I bought years ago and still have not read. And my flatmate, WC, gave me several of his books that look interesting as well. It's a temptation to pick up a book other than Mists, tho I know this would extend the "due" date for that one.

I picked up one of WC's books. heh. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Six volumes, well over three thousand pages. It amuses me to see books where the footnotes take up half of each page. :) I am not interested in history so much but it would probably be educational to read those.

The White Goddess by Robert Graves looks to be a book about poetry and myth. It's not something I would necessarily buy to read, but I'm sure it will give me something interesting to talk about when I do start reading it.

You've Got To Read This is a collection of short stories by the so-called greats. Which I should read for literary value. I like being well read, after all.

And finally, a scientific book. Carl Sagen's Pale Blue Dot.

Well read. Well rounded. I have too many interests and little time to satisfy all my cravings for knowledge...

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