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9 March 2000 ... I'm Back
Ah. Back at last! It's good to be back at my cyber-home. And things are starting to settle in my new real-life home as well. I've got a new roommate... actually flatmate to be technically correct. You can go read what he has to say about it on his page, WC. As for what I have to say... well, I am slightly concerned.

You see, I have terrible luck with roommates. I tend to drive them away. laugh. In college I went through a long list of roommates who ran away from me. Which was perfectly fine with me, better than fine in fact... I was much happier living alone in my little dorm room. I did finally find one roommate who stuck with me. :) But other than her... I was better off living alone with my caustic personality.

So. Now, after a few years of living by myself, I am doing the roommate thing again. I'll let you know how it goes... So far, WC hasn't annoyed me too terribly much. ;)

I forgot to tell my new flatmate about my strange effect on electronics. Well, he knows now... His computer crashed several times in my presence in the last day or so. Apparently his system is pretty stable otherwise, he said that was the first time he had seen the blue screen of death. heh. It'll take a while for his computer to get used to me. :)

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