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13 March 2000 ... Complaining
And to think. I actually woke up in a half-way decent mood this morning. First thing, I discovered that my email at is still not working. Dispite the fact that I have been sending tech support emails every day now since last Thursday. I am starting to get annoyed.

Next, I spilled fake coffee. It splashed all over my keyboard, all over my legs, a couple splashes on my bean bag, and then all over my almost-but-not-quite coffee colored carpet. sighs. It took me about an hour to clean it all up. I had to take my keyboard apart because everytime I tilted it, coffee would drip out of it. heh.

Then I got the brilliant idea to go and check on my snail mail. Our mailbox is about a block away, so obviously this is not a daily occurance. The last time we went, the keys on our mailbox didn't work and they told us they would have to replace the lock later and there was no way to get to it right now. This time, they had just replaced the mail room lock and none of their keys worked. So. We've lived here for 13 days and we have yet to have access to our mail. Lovely, huh?

I hate to think about what other horrors I will have to endure before this day is done. Supposedly the maintenance people are coming today, tho I will believe that when I see it. We put in the work order on the first to look at our electrical system, fix a leaky faucet, and to fix our front door which is not secure. Thirteen days later, our front door is still unsecure and we are still uncertain about the electrical stuff.

Did I mention I was annoyed?

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