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17 February 2000 ... Cars and Wants
Let's talk cars. I have a car. And I love it. It is a little Honda CRX. I took it to the shop. It wasn't sick or anything. Just a check up. I go in and explain everything and the man gives me a quote and tells me it will be a little over an hour. I say good, because I have my book with me and it will be good to read a bit.

I read for a while. Then the man comes back. He has this list of things that are wrong with my poor little car. sighs. I tell him which things I want fixed and which things I will leave for later. Then I sit and read for a while. A long while. I read and read. I am thankful that I have a big, fat book. I wonder if they have forgotten about me. There is not a clock around to tell me how long I have read. But the guy comes back. And I get to pay my bill. sighs. And I look at a clock. I had been there for about four hours.

But then I get to drive my little car again. And it drives like a dream. Like a luxury car or something. Okay, no, I have never actually driven a luxury car before, but I'm sure it's nice, like my car is now.

I read something interesting on somebody else's journal today (sorry, I didn't bookmark it). This girl said she hated it when someone says, "I don't know what I want to do." The journaler says that is not true, actually she ranted and raved about it. She says that, yes, we do know exactly what we want... We're just too scared to say what it is.

Isn't that the truth? Too scared of failure or success or ridicule or whatever else is out there. I'm the worst about this. I can't count how many times I've said "I don't know," when someone asks what I want to do, job-wise. My whole life I've said that.

Do you know what you want? ...

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