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18 February 2000 ... Holing Up
Some days are better than others. Ya know. I actually went out for a little while. Again, I was kept in a waiting room for far too long. Again, I paid way too much for services rendered. And then I tripped over the curb. I drove home and decided to hole up. Forever. ;)

Do you ever sit around and count up all your websites? It's kind of a pointless endeaver. Kind of like trying to keep track of all your email addresses. It's not that I am a sucker for free stuff. Well. okay. Maybe I am.

I have got web sites on seven different servers. I pay for two of those servers. I have several distinct sites on one of my servers, so I actually have more than seven web sites. Funny, huh? Email addys? I check five emails on a daily basis, a few more on a weekly basis.

Yes, it is difficult to keep up with all this silliness!

And fun, too, of course. I probably obsess about it too much, though. heh.

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