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8 February 2000 ... Inspirations
I have been rather blocked here in the past couple of days. Which is fine, I don't mind not writing when I have nothing to say. This morning I felt the need to update and I wrote the most boring drivel I have ever seen. Along the lines of, "I woke up, I got out of bed, I walked across the room..." Well, okay. It wasn't quite that bad, but almost. :) Needless to say, that entry got deleted.

In the real world, it has been the same. Paper journal entries short or nonexistent, nothing creative going on. Last night I decided to get over it. After all, I have all the time in the world, now that I am a jobless bum. I don't have to be productive 100% of the time, but I can't allow a creative rut to go on for more than a few days.

So last night I started "filling the well" with images, looking for something to inspire me. Yep, sure enough. After paging through lots of Elfwood, I found an artist I like... KAido Rakaen. I logged off and drew. So that's my second drawing and no one has offered to buy me a nice scanner yet. Maybe I'll have to stop by Kinko's at some point.

Oh lord. Static Girl gets a new book about writing. heh. This one is A Writer's Book of Days: A Spirited Companion and Lively Muse for the Writing Life by Judy Reeves. It arrived at approximately 4pm today, it's now just after 9pm, and I am half way through the book with four or five pages of writing to my credit. It's a good book...

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