I am a gentle wind. I am playful with your hair and I rustle the leaves on the trees. I paint the blue sky with cirrus clouds and make you feel fresh and wild and free. I mark my passing with just a kiss on the back of your neck. I am oh so gracious. I bring the scent of turned earth to your senses, as well the delicate lilacs. I am clean and innocent and I will do no harm.

What do you think of me as I pass you by?

Do you wish you were me, to be so carefree and unconcerned, nothing but chaos guiding my way?

Or do you flip your hair back in irritation, not wanting to be bothered with silly thoughts, there is just so much to do and you are a responsible person and there are bills to be paid after all?

Is there a song in your soul, longing to be released? A song that sounds like an unvoiced whisper, like molecules brushing up against each other...

©2000 by Cheri -rift- Meier of

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