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11 February 2000 ... Books
Books. My latest obsession has been books. I started out the week rereading Natalie Goldberg's Wild Mind. We then proceeded with A Writer's Book of Days. Today I finished an Anne McCaffrey book, Acorna and am already half way through Zen in the Art of Writing, essays by Ray Bradbury. Tomorrow I will start on the classic, The Mists of Avalon which will slow me down considerably due to it's length. Ah well.

And I am staring at the stack of books against the opposite wall. I read them a long time ago and have been meaning to put them in a box or something, but I'm too lazy. It amuses me to list them... a sci-fi novel, the Year's Best Sci-Fi, two unicorn books, a book of essays by Stephen Hawking, a vampire book, a cyber-punk book and three horse books, one is a coffee table picture book, one is on training horses and the other is about riding horses, then an art history book and several computer books. And then there is the stack of books I have recently read... five or six books about creativity and writing, two books about animals, two philosophy books.

I wonder how many books I have hidden away in this little apartment. It wouldn't surprise me if it was around 100. But then I think about all the books I left behind, sitting in boxes in my parent's basement, 1500 miles away. I have quite a collection, you know. Piers Anthony and Star Trek: the Next Generation books were easy to read and I devoured them when I was in high school. Other favorites: Anne McCaffrey's Pern series, Tara K. Harper's Wolfwalker books, Andre Norton, David Brin. Back then it was anything and everything science fiction...

Basically, I've got a lot of money invested in those dead trees. :)

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