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4 February 2000 ... 10 Commandments
I have been reading up on the debate over posting the Christian ten commandments in public schools. (It's "In the Spotlight" over at's Alternative Religions site.) I was raised Christian, but I've got to say that allowing Christian documents to be displayed in public schools, is just plain wrong. This country was based on religious freedom, not just Christianity, and to allow (or in Colorado's case, force) schools to single out just one religion is ridiculous. In order to be fair, they would have to post laws of all religions... Some are simple: the Wiccan law of "Do no harm", others are not so simple: the Torah lists over 600 commandments. On top of this, there are several versions of the ten commandments: Jewish, Protestant and Catholic, each edited to the religion's preferences.

I don't know. Christians have been forcing their way around for a long time and of course this is not going to stop any time soon. The religious debate is always raging, each and every one of us has a different take. My take on this one, ten commandments is church, public schools is state, they should be separate.

p.s. I have had some repercussions from my public writings here in the last week or so. I have always said that this journal will never be password protected and I am going to stick with that. I would, however, hope that in the future, people would read my journal because they enjoy my writing... not because they are trying to keep tabs on me. Thank you very much.

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