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3 February 2000 ... Ghosts and Plants
I love reading the ghost stories over at's Paranormal Phenomena page. I'm not sure why. Yes, I believe there's probably lots of ghosts out there. Good ghosts, bad ghosts, indifferent ghosts, whatever. It's fun to read people's stories, see weird photos and all. Maybe I'm just glad that the ghosties show up in other people's houses and not mine. :)

My ficus plant thinks it's spring time. I went over today to pull off a couple of yellow leaves and noticed it's got tiny little leaf sprouts all over it. I mean, All over it. The thing is already four feet high, including the pot. As if I needed a bigger plant. The ficus will be in for a big surprise when I have to wack it off in order to move cross country. um. Just kidding. I will try not to wack any plants.

Unfortunately, I have a thing for big plants. I also have a baby umbrella plant, it's only a foot and a half tall right now, but it's going to grow big time when it hits it's growth spurt. And then I have a tangerine tree, just slightly shorter than the ficus. It's outside being dormant at the moment. Hopefully it will stay that way for a while. And if I ever catch the damn cat who is using the planter for a litter box... that is going to be one deadened cat.

Just kidding.
Not really.

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