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28 January 2000 ... Junk
Day Two of Freedom. Yep, up at the crack of dawn yet again, makin' my list at 7am. blech. I did a few random things when I got up. Then I found myself standing in the middle of the apartment, in an utter and complete, immobile panic. Too much to Do!

It took me a while to calm myself. Yes, I've got plenty to do... But I don't need to do it all, this instant. I finally figured out one thing that I could focus on: breakfast. I nuked some fake coffee and cut off a peice of big cookie that used to say "We'll miss you Cheri". I ate the peice that had the red flower and the purple flower and the yellow flower, the icing was about an inch thick. yum. The caffeine and sugar did me good and shortly I was ready to roll again.

I am going through the boxes in my apartment, seeing what's in them and throwing out the junk. I keep some of the weirdest stuff. I've kept all the invoices of stuff I've bought over the internet. I don't know why, but it was a hell of a stack. In the trash now. I've got computer magazines dating back several years. All the info in them is useless now. Maybe I was keeping them for the pretty pictures? In the recycling bin now.

Then of course, there is the money that I have hidden away. So far I have found 94$. whee. Unfortunately, I can't go out and spend it. I have an impending move to fund, after all.

I've got a brand new site design that's being born today. As much as I love the Ivy design, I am past due for a different look. The new theme will be called Japanese Maple and I am thinking the color scheme is going to be a dark, dull blue. That's all you get for now, be sure to visit this weekend. :)

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