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27 January 2000 ... Mobile Phones
Day One of Freedom. So. Are we having fun yet? Heck if I know. It seems like a halfway normal day. I woke up at seven like I always do. I tried to go back to sleep, but by 7:30 I was conscious enough to make a list of stuff to accomplish. I ran some errands first thing, I paid my bills, I started getting caught up on some reading, I washed the evil dishes, I let the bug man in to do his killing. I even made a half-hearted stab at doing moving type things. Not very exciting, huh? Well, that's okay, I have other things to type about. :)

Some of my catch up reading involves a stack of PC Computing magazines. The December '99 issue had an article about how mobile phones are causing brain tumors. True, this is old news that I really don't care about. But a quick run down of the article: Mobile phones transmit "radio frequency radiation" that is in the microwave range. It's not going to cook your brain which is a mere inch away, but we are looking at DNA damage to brain cells, either direct damage or damage resulting from DNA not being able to repair errors. Either way, the six year study "found evidence of genetic damage... suggestions of excessive mortality from brain cancers among wireless phone users and... higher risk of neuroepithelial tumors."

And after that, it's all politics. All these studies are funded by mobile phone makers. Of course they try to keep the brain tumor information hush-hush. The article compared the whole mobile phone thing to the tobacco industry which ignored and denied the fact that smoking was harmful, even when the information started coming in to the contrary.

So anyway. Just like smoking, I'm sure people will still keep their wireless phones around. We like to kill ourselves slowly. It's not a very efficient population control, not like going postal at work or school. And the medical bills for brain cancers will be even worse than the medical bills for smoking.

But, you know. Whatever.

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